About Me

Hi there!


My name is Shea Huening and I’m a product designer at Fjord in Washington, DC.

First let me explain why my portfolio lacks case studies:
At my current employer I strictly work on projects for government agencies, and each of these projects require me to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This greatly limits my ability to freely share information here.

If you want to know more about my process or the outcomes regarding any of my case studies, feel free to reachout.


My Tenets


Knowledge is Power

I believe there is no better user of a person's time than devoting it to learning. In addition to learning every design software I have come across, I also taught myself Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (just for the challenge/fun of it).

Stay Healthy

Numerous studies show the relationship between fitness and brain health/cognition – if your body isn't healthy, your brain isn't healthy.

No Dichotomous Thinking

Dichotomous thinking is a thinking style that categorizes things into two polar opposites, such as, “all or nothing” and “right or wrong”.  Every human is complex and nuanced; design solutions should always consider this.

Enjoy Life

Life is incredibly too short and you only have one shot at it. So, try to make a positive impact on humanity but stay true to yourself and enjoy the process.

My Interests



If there's one thing I enjoy more than researching latest design trends and best practices, it is reading up on science news and improving my science literacy and critical thinking skills.

PC Gaming & Nerd Stuff

Everyone needs at least one calming, semi-unproductive hobby. For me, this includes gaming and reading dark/gritty comics. Hopefully I'll start playing D&D again one day as well.


Health and fitness were instilled in me at a young age and even though I'm no longer playing sports, I still try to train like I am!

House & Techno Music

Oontz oontz.




I’ve had the pleasure of being Shea’s lead for the last six months, and in that time I’ve come to understand that Shea’s interaction design skills are some of the strongest we have in the studio. Shea is excellent at pulling problems apart and finding solutions. Times where I was stopped, Shea would push through and find the way forward.

Vanessa K.

Interaction Design Lead



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